Core Services Offered

The policy advisory consultancy seeks to work with civil society bodies, research entities, governments at all levels and international development agencies and organizations.

Two Core Types of Services are offered :

(i) Strategic Research and Policy Advisory Services and
(ii) Development Facilitation and Strategic Executive Support

The above core services cover the following four substantive areas:

a. Urban Development:

Cities and towns, globally and in Africa, represent the worse and best of 21st century globalization. New innovative policy and practical interventions are required at all scales to understand and manage urbanization and the increasingly critical inextricable interdependency between rural and urban areas. Alternative modes of thinking, discourse and new partnerships are required to forge a more inclusive and equitable urban future. 

This Consultancy is keen to revisit the urban question, ask new questions and facilitate the finding and implementation of sustainable urban development solutions in Africa and globally.

b. Decentralisation, Local Government and Local Governance:

Democratic local governance is the necessary building bloc for multi-level governance and accelerating inclusive sustainable development. Governments, civil society organizations, NGOs, private businesses and development agencies all have unique, yet complementary, roles and opportunities in supporting decentralisation and building local governance.

This Consultancy recognises the increasing African and global attention given to local governments and wants to make these bodies more democratic and effective. 

c. Local Economic Development:

Eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, creating jobs, enabling economic growth, promoting responsible corporate investment, building social capital and advocating the equitable and sustainable utilization of natural resources at a local level are some of the key elements of local economic development (LED). Investing in people and places requires a development paradigm that seeks to defend and advance our common humanity while conserving our finite environmental resources.

This Consultancy believes that most ordinary communities and business people are eager to work with governments as co-creators of a better future where there is decent work and economic opportunities for all . We seek to work with governments, businesses, NGOs and local communities to piece together the ingredients that will advance LED in their particular context.

d. Development Cooperation and Donor Aid:

Governments and civil society organizations in the global south have an ambivalent relationship with international development agencies and donors. Both improved development dialogue and smarter development cooperation modalities are required to ensure optimal resource utilization and better developmental outcomes.

This Consultancy seeks to facilitate win-win development outcomes for local communities, targeted social groups, public entities and governments, and donor agencies and philanthropic foundations. We know how to talk to, listen to, and work with all partners in development.

d. Integrated Border Management:

Most governments have adopted a multi-agency approach to border management. This requires tremendous efforts in coordination at the level of policy alignment and the execution of law enforcement. A few countries have chartered a new path of enhanced coordinated and integrated border management to benefit national security that is balanced with their international trade, human rights and humanitarian obligations.

This Consultancy seeks to promote better approaches to coordinated and integrated border management that is fully aligned to a range of UN-sponsored multilateral instruments on, inter alia, immigration, human rights, trade, protecting vulnerable groups (such as refugees and victims of trafficking), sustainable development and SDGs.

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