Key Reports and Information


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2nd BRICS Urbanisation Forum and 3rd BRICS Friendship Cities and Local Government Cooperation Forum - Report of Proceedings, 20162.98 MBDownload159
African Charter on Local Governance and Decentralisation- Discussion Paper - May 2012413.28 KBDownload3943
African Charter on the Values, and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development5.43 MBDownload129
African Local Governance Timeline - Overview of Decentralisation in Africa - Since 1980s514.50 KBDownload3303
Border Management Authority PMO Newsletter - Q1, 20202.24 MBDownload180
Building Our Urban Future - What Urban Future Thinker Magazine 2012261.84 KBDownload3342
Densification is not the Enemy in a Post-COVID-19 Urban FutureUnknownDownload135
Findings of Study on LED in Cross-Border Dynamics for EAC & EALGA, March 2014.1.58 MBDownload3122
High Council of Local Authorities - Benchmarking Discussion Presentation - February 2013657.20 KBDownload2992
High Council of Local Authorities - Benchmarking Paper - February 2013 - draft EIA1.01 MBDownload2907
Kenya Ministry of LG - Induction for County Transition Authority - SA Experience on IGR - 21 August 20121.35 MBDownload3593
Notes on Financing Decentralization and Local Development in Africa & in South Africa- August 2012650.41 KBDownload3494
Post COVID-19 Urban Praxis Agenda - Presentation1.68 MBDownload166
Presentation to Experts Meeting on an African Charter on Local Governance -7 to 9 May 2012220.96 KBDownload2934
Profiling Fiscal Decentralisation Between Selected African Countries, December 2012559.73 KBDownload2821
Reflections on Post-COVID-19 Urban Praxis Agenda276.68 KBDownload194
Relevance of Local Economic Development in Cross-Border Dynamics. Study for EAC & EALGA, Marh 20141.88 MBDownload3386
Selected Case Studies on Fiscal Decentralisation in Africa, December 2012599.22 KBDownload161
Study Tour Guide on Urban Development - Bangladeshi Government Delegation Visit to South Africa - July 20131.82 MBDownload170
Study Tour Report - High Level Bangladeshi Government Delegation Study Visit to South Africa - July 20134.65 MBDownload3361
The Right to a Lingering City: Casablanca (The Thinker, Q2, No. 68, 2016)4.46 MBDownload154
UNDP Policy Brief on Local and Inclusive Service Delivery for Eastern and Soutrhern Africa -October 2012550.38 KBDownload3236
Youth Employment and Local DevelopmentUnknownDownload1949
Youth Employment and Local Development in Africa- 20131.21 MBDownload4441



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